Oradam Village – SWTOR Quest

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Oradam Peninsula has a small settlement called Oradam village.

What we should know about Oradam Vilage

The village was mostly unaffected by the civil war in the Cold War. It was under the control of the Galactic Republic.

 The village had several residences, a workshop and a vehicle depot. The village has a small medical station and a speeder pad that were used to travel to Fort Garnik and other places.

 Wealthy trader barons and their families used to live in Oradam, which was a beachfront paradise. The men and women spent their money constructing elaborate homes and relaxing by the sea. Many merchants and artisans stayed in Oradam after wealthy patrons left.

 The Republic village of Oradam is the last one not to have a strategic significance. Its importance to the group is symbolic. Republic strategists think that the enemy would most likely burn the village to the ground in order to destroy the corrupt upper class if they succeeded in invading Oradam.

 Needles has found a new lead in the hunt for the ZR 57 bomb. A man named Zak from nearby Oradam village came to Fort Garnik seeking treatment for radiation poisoning affecting both himself and his wife; the couple could easily have contracted radiation poisoning after handling the bomb.

 You will need to recover several medical ingredients to cure the radiation poisoning if you want to find out more about Zak and his wife. Recover vimidone and albozene from the scavengers at the camp.

The Tasks about the Mission

 Recover the Albozene Pack.

 A vimidone pack can be recovered.

 It is possible to recover a Medical Injector.

 Talk to Zak.

 Your personal hologram can be used.

 Return to the Republic Command Center.

 Speak to LieutenantVirk.

 Defeat Lieutenant Virk.

 Ensign Jarix must be defeated.

 The Henchmen should be defeated.

 Lieutenant Jorgan should be returned to.

Soldier Classes

The Most Popular Community Classes

Bounty Hunter


Imperial Agent

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