During the year, we welcome the Shabbat (Sabbath) and celebrate Havdalah (the end of a week and beginning of the next) by gathering together at members homes for a special dinner at sundown. First, we join together in a brief service to reflect upon the week that has passed and the week that is to come. We celebrate with traditional symbols: Shabbat candles, wine, and challah on Friday nights, and the braided candle, wine, and spices for Saturday night Havdalah. All services are consistent with our Humanistic principles.

The hosts prepare the main dish and participants each bring another part of the meal to share.

These intimate settings allow everyone to get to know each better and engage in more personal discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity for prospective members to get to know Or Adam members and ask questions about the beliefs and practices of Humanistic Judaism.

Contact us if you would like to host or participate in a Shabbat or Havdalah dinner.