JEWISH CURRENTS: A Secular Progressive Bi-Monthly

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Sept.-Oct. 2003 Making Service Funmdamental to Jewish Life

Nov.-Dec. 2003 Genes, Race & Socially Responsible Science, Tsarist Russia’s First Yiddish Daily

May-June 2004 Jewish Stars & Pink Triangles, The Balfour Declaration Revisited, “Socially Responsible Capitalosm” – An Oxymoron?

July-August 2004 The Renewal of Jewish Life in Russia & Ukraine, The Relationship of Yiddish to Other Jewish Languages, Foreign Workers in Israel

Sept.-Oct. 2004 Does Suspending Civil Liberties Protect Us from Terrorism?, The American Left’s Abandonment of the Working Class, Israel Isolated, Edward Filene: Pioneer of Social Responsibility

July-August 2005 The Christian Right and the Jewish Left, Two Viewpoints on Israel: American jews and the New Mideasr Partnership, Nurturing Holocaust Studies in the Former Soviet Union

Sept.-Oct. 2005 Cleaning Up American Elections, Listening to Others in Israel, Jews and Prostitution Nov.-Dec. 2005 Just Say Maybe: Psychedelic Drugs, Healing and Politics, Racism

January-Feb. 2006 Venezuela’s “Socialism for the 21st as the Real Disaster Area, A Jewish Cultural Manifesto Century”, The Kibbutzim-They Are A-Changin’, Changing Marx (and Lincoln) Across London

March-April 2006 Making Friends with Israel, A Rabbi Investigates in Sudan, The Red Scare and the Red Menace, Secular Jewishness Then and Now, Yiddishkayt and Popular Culture

May-June 2006 Leader of the World’s Largest Gay Congregation, They Stood Up: Rosa Parks and Virginia Durr, Israel’s Electoral Culture

July-August 2006 Birobidzhan: A Remnant of History, Recent Problems with Holocaust Restitution, Mordecai Kaplan’s Challenge to Atheism

Nov.-Dec. 2006 Proletpen: How the Left was Excluded from the Yiddish Canon, Israeli Media and Public Opinion, Itche Goldberg on Khayim Zhitlovsky

Jan.-Feb. 2007 Proletpen: Heyday and Decline, Israel Unmoored, Blacks,Jews, and American Liberalism

March-April 2007 Jewish Philanthropy and Social Change, Anti-Semitism and Progressive Jews, Teaching Yiddish to Our Children, The Sobibor Uprising

May-June 2007 Modern Liberalism, Secular Jews & Jewish Ritual, In Defense of ‘Self-Hating’ Jews Nov.-Dec.2007 Under Axis Rule in Muslim Lands

Jan.-Feb. 2008 Welfare Reform: The Untold success Story, Leftists and the Civil Rights Movement, Secular Jewish Weddings, The Donmeh of Turkey, Anti-Semitism: A Tale of Two Countries